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Education & eLearning Online assessment solutions, Adaptive practise & engagement
ERP Solutions Software utilities that make the Enterprise efficient
Industry 4.0 IoT, Analytics, Data Engineering & Machine Learning that will drive the Industries tomorrow
Micro Mobility Partnering to unlock the potential at the "last mile" and make the cities move better

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AI & Machine Learning Computer Vision, Forecasting to GANs put to business usage by our group of researchers & enthusiasts. Learn more
App Development Native, Hybrids or PWAs we specialise in rapid App development aligning the "go-to-market" strategy Learn more
UX & UI Design User Interfaces keeping the User in focus following the fundamental Design principles at the core, that's our priority Learn more
Web Development Building functional yet classy "pixel-perfect" Web solution with innovation & speed in mind, that's what we specialise Learn more

Our Flagship Projects

We've given shape to 20+ amazing ideas, next could be yours.
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    Scout is an assessment and evaluation platform which helps job aspirants to groom their skills. Its AI powered practice module deliver questions based on candidate's past performance to their your efficiency and speed. Scout also provides detailed in-depth analysis for every question answered and also lets candidate compare thier performance over others.
    Scout's ecosystem aims to simplify your hiring process and find the right talent for enterprises.

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    HawkEye is a factory management system that manages and displays assets, tooling, inventory and material flow.  This platform visually displays material location for DECON, ASSEMBLY/TEST START QUEUE, PREPARATION & TEST areas on the floor map in realtime. In addition, EE includes assembly and test percentage. EE is accessible for relevant production and engineering staff via remotely, displays and laptops. The SiGFP transition provided the perfect opportunity to collect data from the existing manufacturing applications.

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    Swift Ride

    Swift Ride is a multi-modal micro-mobility service with technology that allows users to rent vehicles (bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and e-rickshaws) on-demand from designated stations across a city. Its mobility networks allow for a sustainable transportation system that is fun, simple to use and is kind to the environment.

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    Proteger is a DATA-DRIVEN energy efficiency solution that uses IoT & Advanced Machine learning based models and saves up to 40% energy for large Commercial consumers of electricity in the sectors of Hotels, Hospitals, Office buildings & Industrial units.

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We begin with determination to understand your target market & your project with finer details of each unique features.
Through effective communication, we share ideas and give shape to your !dea, presenting one clear vision.
The sketching of wireframes is integral in beginning to realise concepts and ideas into viewable & usable design. We believe in the power of prototyping.
Our design principles will reflect your unique brand identity while achieving the maximum aesthetic impact keeping the target user at the core.
Responsive Apps that is built leveraging the modern tools, frameworks & libraries, ensuring the users can interact with our work.
The final process involves thorough  testing followed by deployment on cloud as per your preference. And when your idea takes off - we stay grounded and monitor every move and gain insights so that your soar higher.

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